Step by step description of a treatment




Step by step description of a thermocoagulation treatment

It is very important to reassure the client about a thermocoagulation treatment since the unknown is always stressful. I believe that is it crucial to inform the client as confidence is a key factor to a successful treatment.

Thermocoagulation session Thermocoagulation session Thermocoagulation session

These are the steps for a thermocoagulation treatment:


  1. During the initial consultation, the client must precisely fill out the information sheet, and read and sign the informed consent form for a thermocoagulation treatment.
  2. I will meet with the client to assess the skin imperfection.
  3. I will explain my work method, the time required for the treatment, the recovery time to optimal results and the cost of said treatment.
  4. I will proceed with the treatment as discussed if the client accepts the conditions.
  5. Once the treatment is over, the client must wait for at least two weeks for the scabs fall on their own. Afterwards, a period of eight weeks is needed for the scar to disappear.
  6. For a treatment for telangiectasia, you will need to schedule appointments every two weeks until treatment is complete.

My main satisfaction from my line of work is my clients’ happiness when they see that their skin imperfections have almost completely disappeared. Most cases are corrected with a single treatment with little or absolutely no pain at all.