Dear reader,

I had a beauty mark and a dark spot (age spot) near my left eye that had appeared several years ago. I really wanted to get rid of them without surgery and did not want to be left with any scars, if possible. When Manon came to pick up her computer that I had repaired (I didn’t know her at that time), she told me: “You know, Denis, I could make those two spots disappear in less than 30 minutes!!!”

And here, I had been searching for years for a way to get rid of them…

I booked an appointment with Manon right away and went to her place of business in Terrebonne. And she was right! In less than 30 minutes those two spots disappeared, all this without surgery! I wish I’d met Manon Villeneuve earlier!!!

Thank you, Manon :)

Denis O.

Denis Ouellette